Wow New Mavic Mini 2 Drone Has Superior Processor !

The New  Gift  DJI Mavic Mini 2 Drone. Best Drone For 2021. I have just learned that the new Mavic mini 2 by DJI has a Ambarrella processor inside in control of the video imaging. This is huge ! The Ambarrella is known for its superior video quality and is used in the world famous Phantom series of DJI drone ! Sadly they are lacking in the other Mavic series, but the Mavic Mini 2 has it ! I wondered how the video was so good and looked somehow better than most any drone of dozens I have flown. It the Ambarrella Processor that is making the difference. Thank You DJI for including this more expensive chip set. Video quality is stunning for a drone costing only $449 bucks. Thats yes more than $1000 bucks cheaper than a Mavic Pro. The video output of Mavic Mini 2 beats all drones under $500 buck hands down unless you built it yourself. Come Join the New Facebook Page Mavic Mini Review. Post your thought and pictures be heard ! Keep On Dronin. MMP


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