DJI Ocusync Control System is far superior for new Mavic Mini 2 Drone !

How Far can you really fly the new  DJI  Ocusync  Mavic Mini 2  ?

The DJI Stated answer would be the max control distance is 10 km with the excellent new Ocusync Control System ! That is what is stated in the official DJI specs sheet as the maximum range of the control system.But can you really fly 10 km out and expect to come back to the homepoint ?Just fly 10,000 meters or about six miles  out from Homepoint is a long way. To fly 20,000 meters or little over 12 miles there and back is a super long long way for any recreational drone.


 Let’s do a little math.

DJI specs say Mavic Mini 2  can fly at a steady rate of 14m/second for 30 minutes in calm or no wind conditions . So 14m/s x 60 seconds / minute x 30 minutes equals 25200 meters or 25km in calm conditions or over 15 miles. So in theory yes you could go to the maximum distance  of the controller and come back. For a distance comparison much larger DJI Mavic Pro can go 15.5 miles hr for 27 min or just 7miles total distance! Mavic Mini 2 can go about same Mavic Pro on paper. I wouldn’t try it but  others have.

The farthest out I have watched so far on Youtube is just over 11,100 meters out one way or 6.9 miles. Another Max farthest out with a return  was 13,600 ft out far out and back. The return trip was nail biting. The Mavic Mini 2 tried to force land at 8% battery but he kept pushing the stick forward. He ended with the Mavic Mini 2 coming down at his feet with a zero battery . WOW over 27000 ft total in flight distance or about 5 miles with strong wind warnings. So yes in reality in extreme condition the Mavic Mini 2 can go over 5 miles! That seems mind-boggling to me for such a small 249 G drone. I can remember attaching special extended antennas  to my  Phantom 4 controller. I  never got it past 6000 meters or about 3.5 miles out without  disconnection.

St Augustine Salt Marsh 1.5 miles out

We have proven that yes the Mavic Mini 2 is  capable and can go out 10km(FCC) .

Mavic Pro is 7km (FCC)  That said, that is in perfect conditions. If there are interference buildings or other obstructions transmission range can be much much less.I have had disconnections at less than 500 meters with my original Mavic Mini . DJI  specs say strong interference from Urban Landscapes limited line of sight and many competing signals distance is approximately 3 km.

Medium interference areas like a suburban landscape open line of sight and some competing signals is 6 km. Low interference open landscape abundant line of sight you no or very limited competing signals is approximately 10 km. I usually fly in an area with a high density of other signals. As soon as I take off I will get  a warning usually.

With my original Mavic Mini I would have some problems as soon as I got past about 1000m. Farthest out without complete disconnection was 3300 m. I have had my new Mavic Mini 2 out that far with no problem. Just a little jumping  on the screen.

I Have not taken my Mavic Mini 2 out till it disconnects nor will I hope. Not for a little while. I’m not that brave yet or have that much money to lose my new Mavic Mini 2 this quickly just testing the distance limits.

Doggie Drone Selfie From Mavic Mini

   Now if you listen to the FAA strict guidelines then you need to keep any drone you flying recreationally in direct line of sight always. Under rule FHA line of sight rule 107.31 Visual line-of-sight aircraft operation 2020.

Basically you must unaided of any other corrective lenses like binoculars to be able to always be able to see your drone from where you’re standing with the controller. Now the law does allow a visual  observer but you must be in direct communication with him at all time.  You must know drones aircraft location and must be able to determine altitude and direction of flight . Also you must be able to observe the air space for other air traffic or hazards you . Be able to determine if the unmanned aircraft is endangering the life or property of others throughout this whole flight the remote control pilot must be able to see and manipulate the unmanned aircraft system or a visual Observer. The distance is determined obviously by how well you can see and how big your drone is.

A larger drone you can see farther away a smaller drone has to be closer. FAA may use what is called a visual line-of-sight calculator to determine violations; it uses several assumptions. First you have 20/20 vision, second you are looking at an on center view of the drone or unmanned vehicle you’re operating in regular daylight hours not low light. There is no fog , vapor , clouds or obstructions of the air. Last thing that is lacking is contrast of the Drone color to get optimal contrasting with the sky. a red color shows up much more than just Gray of the Mavic Mini 2.

I will not get into regulations but for Night Flight

You must have some kind of night light strobe to meet regulations .That is a whole another blog. I used 6 inches as the basic size back width you can see of the Mavic Mini 2 .  The visual line of sight calculator program I used for the Mavic Mini 2  gave me a distance of 1718 ft. I can tell you from experience I can’t see the Mavic Mini 2 that far away. I know from many flights that the end of the retention pond in front of my house is a little over a thousand feet. About the end of the retention pond I pretty much lose all vision of the Mavic Mini 2.

I could easily see my Phantom 4 hovering at that distance. I  use this distance 1718ft as a benchmark, obviously if you have flight records showing you are 6000 ft out you are far exceeding line of sight rules could be easily argued by the FAA .


As a general rule of thumb and keeping the FAA happy.

Sleeping budda best to leave sleeping.

I like to keep my drone in line of sight. For  most pictures I want to take and video my  drone can easily be in line of sight. You need to be able to see the Drone to safely take the pictures without crashing.  I have flown with video only  out of line of sight . I don’t do it lightly. Anything can happen when you can’t see your drone. A strong gust of wind can come along and take it  off course and into a tree.  Mavic Mini 2 has NO AVOIDANCE SENSORS ! So knowing where your drone is very Important. It’s all up to you to keep your drone safe. As always Keep on Dronin


Written by Greg Desowitz

Wow New Mavic Mini 2 Drone Has Superior Processor !

The New  Gift  DJI Mavic Mini 2 Drone. Best Drone For 2021. I have just learned that the new Mavic mini 2 by DJI has a Ambarrella processor inside in control of the video imaging. This is huge ! The Ambarrella is known for its superior video quality and is used in the world famous Phantom series of DJI drone ! Sadly they are lacking in the other Mavic series, but the Mavic Mini 2 has it ! I wondered how the video was so good and looked somehow better than most any drone of dozens I have flown. It the Ambarrella Processor that is making the difference. Thank You DJI for including this more expensive chip set. Video quality is stunning for a drone costing only $449 bucks. Thats yes more than $1000 bucks cheaper than a Mavic Pro. The video output of Mavic Mini 2 beats all drones under $500 buck hands down unless you built it yourself. Come Join the New Facebook Page Mavic Mini Review. Post your thought and pictures be heard ! Keep On Dronin. MMP


Mavic Mini Has Superior Video Processor

The new DJI Mavic Mini has a secret inside of it that makes it superior to most drones on the market. The Mavic Mini uses a Ambarella processor.

Ambarella processor

Why is Ambarella Better

Ambarella processors include specialized digital image processing hardware to convert raw image sensor data into color-corrected imagery, removing noise to improve quality in various lighting conditions, as well as performing lens distortion correction, digital image stabilization, and high dynamic range (HDR) …Ambarella Inc. – Wikipedia › wiki › Ambarella_Inc

Mavic Mini lazy follows a kayak out just dronin

DroneDJ “learned through industry insiders that the real culprit wasn’t the sensor but the processor. Apparently, DJI had decided not to use Ambarella sensors for the DJI Mavic 2 Pro. Instead, the drone maker went for a cheaper no-brand processor.”

“When DJI realized that the video quality did not live up to expectations, they scrambled to come up with a way to improve it. As a result, the Mavic 2 launch-event was delayed from July 18th to late August and DJI introduced two video recording options: the 4K HQ (High-Quality) and the 4K Full FOV (field-of-view).”

“However, neither of these options could fool the diehards among us and many people stuck with the Phantom 4 Pro for serious video work as the DJI Mavic 2 Pro simply didn’t deliver.”

Ambarella is the same processor used in DJI Phantom series is known for there great video capabilities but was sadly lacking in the other DJI Mavics in my opinion. The DJI Mavic Mini is the only DJI Mavic series at this point to have the new Amberalla chip set. The secret chips power? This gives the Mavic Mini awesome cinematic video output that look superior to even most 4k cameras on other drones period. The 3 axis gimbled camera is same as the big boys. Video output is rock steady even in moderate wind and movement of drone . In cinematic mode the Mavic Mini will turn fluidly with the Ambarella color-corrected video and HDR keeping up looking like your a pro making movies . All that in ultra small size and weight 249g its the Drone of the year 2020 hands down !

Ambarella processor on main board of the Mavic Mini GeekRC picture

Mavic Mini The Friendly Drone

mavic mini pro

Mavic Mini will go with you anywhere. Very easy to carry not much bigger or heavy than a large cell phone but much more fun! Quite in flight and very nimble indoor flight even with no GPS siginal and low light.

Easy right out of the box for anybody not just tech nerd to fly with new DJI Fly app made for straight simple controls. Amazing steady hover answer your phono it will wait hovering for up to amazing 30 min battery. It will not move even a inch!

mavic min pro gets the shot
mavic mini pro in very low light no gps

WOW Mavic Mini News

The new Mavic Mini was officially released on November 11 2019 and is now available . Product has been scarce to none on any retailer stores. Online orders have been limited. Excellent Christmas Present ! But You Have to order soon if you want one for a Christmas Gift. Priced Sweet spot of $399.00 not $1399 like a mavic pro ! With almost all the same hardware.

mavic mini pro unboxed

The Mavic Mini was designed and appeals to be “The Everyman Drone” flyer. The Mavic Mini is DJI’s first drone under 250gram meeting FAA standard so its NOT NEEDED TO BE REGISTERED!! This allows the customer to fly and take picture so no worries having to take action with the FAA. Mavic Mini flys with the big boys at a fraction of the price! The basic model of the Mavic Mini is just 399.00.

mavic mini pro out at the poolhall with friends