Why Buy a Tello

   Buy a Tello ? Why ?The Tello drone has been around for a while. I have owned 5 different Tellos myself. I have also owned a Tello EDU !

    The Tello drone is still the best small drone on the market for about a 100 bucks the best real value drone still !

  I am going to tell you why DJI Tello is so great ! Here are 7 great reasons to own this drone

  1. Great flying and hovering ability

  2.  Simple to use from any phone

  3. Long Flight Time Cheap Batteries

  4. Excellent easy Pictures  and Video auto load to phone/internet

  5. Great price under 100 bucks

  6. Super small safe quiet and user friendly

  7. Educational Teaching STEM Tello EDU


1. DJI’s Tello Drone is not a cheap built knockoff drone !    At its core is a IBM Myriad 2 VPU Movidius Vision Processing Unit!   This great superior processor gives the Tello AI eyes .Wow Tello doesn’t  use GPS like most drones  to know where its position is. Actually Tello takes picture of it surrounding  and programing in the IBM Movidius sees knows where it is by comparing visual pictures sent to the Movidius Vision Chip . Tello sees its location compares picture to hold its location with a steady hover.

 Simple hands free photos with easy very steady hovers so Tello flys better inside than thousand dollar drones. Movidius AI eyes by keeping locked on its internal pictures of its surroundings can hover without GPS . The simple built in very good altitude control keeps height within inches in steady indoor /outdoor low wind hovering.

   How Far Will Tello Go? The maximum height of the Tello is preset at factory a 10 meters but can be changed to 30 meters.  Tello max distance limit for phone wifi connection is 30 meters or about a 100 ft so this is not a long distance drone. It was built to be a fun easy flying selfie drone that take excellent 5mp pictures


 2.  Your Phone is your controller . No need to carry anything but Tello drone and some external cheap about 15 bucks  extra batteries for additional fun fights.    Your Tello can be precisely controlled  flying from your phone with practice inside and outside and even in small areas other drones could not fly with ease and be safety.  The Tello can move into hover easily by itself in place a dozen feet from you and above your friends safely and you take great amazing selfies like you never thought possible only but only with your new Tello drone.

3. Quick interchangeable batteries make Tello simply better and much more fun Unlike most small cheap drones of Tello size and price. Most small toy drones have only one internal battery you must charge after every flight of only 3-6 minutes. With Tello’s interchangeable batteries. No having to wait for hours between flights ! Tello batteries have a long 12-13 min flight time.  This is actually  much longer than almost all small drones made. Usual average of  3 to 6 minutes flights is normal . Then you must recharge again for hours.

 Not with the Tello . Just pop another battery in and your flying again in seconds not hours. Extra batteries are inexpensive at about 15 dollars . Very small and easy to carry lots of batteries!

    My hand size carry case above I carry 6 extra batteries and one in the drone for 7 total.That 7x12min for 84 min almost a 1 1/2 hour total wow all in a case less than a pound.


Flying around the block with Mavic Mini is easy in Miami or Micanopy.

4. Super Photos Tellos 5mp camera takes great pictures and video with EZ Shots modes (Circle,360,and Up&Away) Tello does programed independent flying maneuver to take pictures and video that other drones don’t have . The excellent high quality Intel IBM Video Processor and has electronic image stabilization and doesn’t have the usual cheap clone video chip giving Tello much better pictures and video. Electronic Stabilization yields great pictures and video not blurry junk. The 5mp camera is much better than most small drones of this size and price. Shoot great high quality unique photos for lasting memories.  Even if you are a first time flyer you can take pro level photos that can then be easily downloaded from any smart phone directly as a simple text and downloaded to all social media sites without any format change quickly !


5. Wow Yes Tello is only about 100 bucks new from  the Official DJI Store . Cheaper on many sites. DJI Official Store also has information on  the different models of Tello.

   The Iron Man Special Edition Tello is cool. DJI usually has a Christmas special with extra batteries called the Fly More Combo is a great value. I have found it for as low as 99.99 with 3 batteries and 3 bay charger and prop guards. I don’t think any other drone on the market has as many features  Tello gives you the best bang for your drone buck.

6. Unlike bigger drones is Tello very small and quite. About the size of your hand and very light weight of 80 grams.  Tello is very durable and can be crashed over and over without harm!

     I have crashed my Tello at full speed into a wall with no real damage. I will say that the props do come off rather easy in a crash. I have spent a long time looking for a missing prop ! Now I always carry a extra set. Props can be pop on and off with no special tool needed.

   Tello is a very safe drone and can be easily flown by children and adults right away .  The props are not capable of cutting your skin . With prop guards on props edges are also protected from  damage bumping into things. You can cheers a hovering Tello with a glass of spirits with no  harm to glass or Tello.

    The DJI RyzeTello EDU is a special edition Tello like the IRON Man Tello. The Tello EDU is specially  aimed at teaching kids and even adults simple Computer STEM programing and CODING. This is great for kids to learn basic computer programing while having fun.So much more than a toy drone.

There are several learning Apps now developed to teach coding by programing the Tello Drone to fly by the coded programing only and no controller! The best known is the DJI Tello EDU App. The Tello EDU App is like a kids computer video game but teaches basics of computer coding like as adventure game to teach the Tello to fly . Tello is also a great way for a child to explore flying  drones for the first time and interesting photography without breaking the bank .