New DJI Mavic Mini Drone of the year the Mavic Mini is “Best Present 2020 Gift” !

New Mavic Mini
Easy to FlyRight Out Of The Box . No FAA license needed!

Simple but Controlled Flying with the New DJI Fly app of the DJI Mavic Mini Drone is easy. It is possible for first time flyers to be in control right out of the box .Seasoned vets will be impressed at DJI Mavic Mini superior response and long real 4k range and 30 min air time! Go Explore More Places!The Rock Solid Hover even feet from your head ! Need to take a phone call?Tie your shoe? Take a Important Selfie ! No Problem .Mavic Mini won’t move a foot till you tell it ! Superior altitude hold sensors and GPS tracking like Mavic Mini big brother DJI Mavic Pro.

Following out Kayak Newnans Lake Floida
Gainesville Old Court House Building
Mavic Mini flys inside with ease !

DJI Mavic Mini is ultra light at only 249 grams with no FAA registration needed ever! Mavic Mini is Legal to fly in most Countries without registration ! Best Drone 2020 Ultra Quite and Ultra Small Cell Phone Size : Mavic Mini Flys inside or outside without peoples notice! Take it with you easily only 249grams and fits in your pocket !

Mavic Mini goes everywhere easily as your drone buddy

WOW !!! 30 min flight times beats almost everyone ! Means plenty of time to get the right angle and shot for great pictures and video. Super easy charging on the go from any micro USB port ! Cheap extra batteries !

Rum Island Santa Fe River Florida
Kanapaha oldest church in Gainesville Florida

The new Mavic Mini is Best Drone 2020 to buy Only $399.00

Info? Now From Official DJI Store Just Click: Mavic Mini

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